It's Time to Forget Your Password and Settle for Multi-Factor Authentication

Webinar cohosted by KuppingerCole and NEVIS

How Deploying Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Increases Safety and Convenience Alike

The majority of security breaches and attacks can be traced back to stolen and compromised passwords. Mobile devices are often particularly vulnerable because many users tend to avoid long passwords and special characters.


Providers of security solutions have realized this and are coming up with different models of multi-factor authentication. The biometric approach is arguably among the safest methods because it relies on unique biological characteristics such as the face, iris or fingerprints. Apart from the security aspect, password-less authentication also serves convenience in user experience and can save costs by eliminating support request.


This webinar's participants found out:

  • Why passwords are just not secure enough anymore
  • How they can be replaced by multi-factor authentication
  • What makes biometric solutions preferable
  • Why user experience will also benefit from MFA


KuppingerCole Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger talked about the challenges traditional authentication models face in a world where users have multiple digital identities on different devices.

Gregory Guglielmetti, Head of Product Management NEVIS, then elaborated on why a transition to MFA serves not only security but also user experience and can reduce costs.