Risk Detection System

Protect your customers from sophisticated malicious attacks without compromising the customer experience.


Malicious attacks on consumers have increased in sophistication – 2nd factor authentication is not sufficient anymore to protect against malware-based “man in the browser” or identity theft attacks. In addition, multi-factor authentication creates friction in the user experience and leads to weaker customer engagement. The requirement to increase the protection of critical services without compromising user experience requires new, holistic security concepts.

Hire an army of detectives – or use nevisDetect

nevisDetect protects your digital services by continuous, risk-evaluating mechanisms, which guarantee a very high level of protection without compromising user experience. It enables the integration of leading-edge detection technologies like behavioral anomaly detection in one single platform and makes them available as a central service that can be used by all applications.

Main features

  • Modular and customizable setup
  • Designed for high load and asynchronous detection
  • Designed for multi-line deployments
  • Correlation of TCP, TLS and HTTP features
  • Plug-in architecture enables easy integration of new detection modules
  • Data retention from nevisDetect and BehavioSec are fully customizable to comply with local regulation.
  • Simulation- and training model for all detection modules
  • Central Management Cockpit for all detection modules
  • Seamless integration into existing NEVIS environments
  • TLS-Secured communication between components
  • Access control provides separation of duty between the roles of the Forensic Expert, Security Expert, Operator and Support Desk


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