AdNovum launches NEVIS component for continuous authentication

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AdNovum extends its NEVIS Security Suite with the authentication component nevisDetect. nevisDetect enables cost-efficient and user-friendly protection against fraud with stolen identities.

The Swiss software company AdNovum extends its NEVIS Security Suite with the component nevisDetect. The new component of the NEVIS authentication service allows continuous verification of the user's identity based on aspects of their behavior. nevisDetect combines the results of different anomaly detection technologies into a risk assessment. Based on the risk assessment, the system can initiate measures to reduce risk, for example by asking the user to strongly authenticate himself, by automatically ending the session or by opening a helpdesk ticket for further clarification. With the other components of the NEVIS Security Suite, nevisDetect guarantees a high level of protection without compromising the user experience.


BehavioSec module

As the first anomaly detection module, nevisDetect supports BehavioSec's biometric behavioral detection technology. This technology analyzes the behavior of users such as the dynamics of keystrokes, touch and mouse movement and compares them with previous interactions.


Central Management Cockpit

nevisDetect manages all anomaly detection modules and their information via a central cockpit and offers specific functionalities for different roles. Forensic experts can quickly find and collect detailed information on a case with nevisDetect. They can add further details to a case such as occurrence, parties involved, measures taken and effects. Investigators can search and access archived cases as well as retrieve and export case data.

With nevisDetect, security teams can detect and block suspicious transactions faster. The smart combination of different detection technologies greatly reduces the number of false positives. This leads to a significant cost reduction for manual security clarifications, for example in connection with a bank's payment transactions. nevisDetect also supports security teams in defining policies and countermeasures by making use of historical data to simulate how a configuration change will affect the running system.

With nevisDetect, the Support Desk gains insight into the history of a user account and the reasons for its current status. This enables employees to answer customers' questions about access quickly and comprehensibly.


Costs under control

Stephan Schweizer, Chief Product Officer NEVIS: «Identity theft, session hijacking and fraud have increased dramatically and are causing an increase in costs. With nevisDetect we extend the NEVIS Security Suite with a component that offers digital services a high level of protection without affecting the user experience. At the same time, with nevisDetect the costs for fraud detection and combating as well as compliance are under control.»


NEVIS Security Suite of AdNovum

The NEVIS Security Suite is the security solution of the renowned Swiss software company AdNovum. NEVIS has been protecting the portals of banks, insurances and authorities for over 20 years, and is deployed by companies around the world today. The security suite is Switzerland's market leader for identity and access management and protects over 80 percent of all e-banking transactions. In 2017, the Experton Group voted NEVIS Security «Security Leader» in Germany.

The Swiss software company AdNovum offers its customers comprehensive support in the fast and secure digitization of existing business processes and the implementation of new business ideas from consulting and conception to implementation and operation. AdNovum's customer base includes renowned companies from the finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics industry as well as several federal offices and cantons.

AdNovum was founded in 1988. At our headquarters in Zurich and our offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore, we employ over 600 staff today. In Germany, NEVIS is represented by NEVIS Office Germany. /

Twitter: @AdNovum / @NevisSecSuite


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Stephan Schweizer, AdNovum CPO NEVIS


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