New DevOps platform to speed up introduction of digital offerings

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The Swiss software company AdNovum extends its NEVIS Security Suite with a new DevOps platform. The new platform allows NEVIS customers to provide digital offerings and security infrastructures in a more agile, fast and reliable manner.


At the forefront of the digital revolution
Accelerated digitization, rapidly changing customer needs and expectations, restructurings and acquisitions, introduction of disruptive technologies – all this requires high agility and speed from IT. The new DevOps platform nevisAdmin 4 supports close cooperation between the various IT disciplines. It allows product development and operations teams to continuously introduce new customer offerings. Thanks to reusable configuration templates, standard use cases are implemented quickly and according to best practices. Deployments thus comply with company-wide policies.
The modular architecture of the DevOps platform supports various deployment processes and numerous projects and users, including fine-grained permissions. nevisAdmin 4 provides a comprehensive REST-API for integration into DevOps environments and automation of common tasks. This enables companies to use the platform specifically for the desired degree of automation.


Less downtime, more security
In a digital economy, infrastructure failures due to misconfigurations have a direct impact on business results. Also, manual maintenance errors that lead to vulnerabilities of the security infrastructure have an impact on finances and reputation. The DevOps platform of NEVIS allows for a reliable and collaborative configuration management. All configuration templates are based on secure defaults. As configuration and infrastructure data are completely separate, new configurations can be safely tested on different infrastructures. Configuration changes can be reviewed and validated prior to implementation.

The DevOps platform nevisAdmin 4 has already been tried and tested in production at major Swiss and international companies.


Efficient cooperation
Gregory Guglielmetti, NEVIS Product Manager: «nevisAdmin 4 supports the new, collaborative way to provide software and infrastructure. The platform enables development, operations and security professionals to cooperate more efficiently, thus allowing companies to bring their digital offerings faster to the market.»


AdNovum’s NEVIS Security Suite
The NEVIS Security Suite is the security solution of the renowned Swiss software company AdNovum. NEVIS has been protecting the portals of banks, insurances and authorities for over 20 years, and is deployed by companies around the world today. The NEVIS Security Suite is Switzerland's market leader for identity and access management and protects over 80% of all e-banking transactions. In 2017, Experton Group voted NEVIS Security as the «Security Leader» in Germany.
The Swiss software company AdNovum offers its customers comprehensive support in the fast and secure digitization of existing business processes and the implementation of new business ideas from consulting and conception to implementation and operation. AdNovum's customer base includes renowned companies from the finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics industry as well as several federal offices and cantons.
AdNovum was founded in 1988. At its headquarters in Zurich and its offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore, the company employs over 600 staff today. In Germany, NEVIS is represented by the Munich-based NEVIS Security GmbH. /
Twitter: @AdNovum / @NevisSecSuite


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Gregory Guglielmetti, NEVIS Product Manager
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