Leader status twice from analyst KuppingerCole

AdNovum was singled out as Leader for Access Management and Federation.

The NEVIS Security Suite was analyzed for the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2016 and has reached leader status in the two categories Product and Innovation.


KuppingerCole is Europe's leading analyst for information security in the area of digital transformation. According to Martin Kuppinger, founder and chief analyst at KuppingerCole, web access management and identity federation are the key to providing enterprises and organizations a closer and secure collaboration with external groups such as business partners and customers. The most recent Compass evaluates 17 products. The NEVIS Security Suite by Swiss software company AdNovum excels as leader in the categories "Product" and "Innovation".

KuppingerCole attests the NEVIS Security Suite a clear, modular architecture. NEVIS offers numerous product features, many unique, which distinguish the software solution as "Product Leader". The product offers distinct possibilities for flexible and extensible authentication with a wide range of authentication mechanisms, including some national eID credentials.