FDJP – SSO Portal

SSO portal for the Federal Department of Justice and Police

The FDJP's single sign-on portal (SSO portal) integrates the various applications of the FDJP, such as CEMIS, RIPOL, vostra, Infostar, and EVA into a single security and authentication infrastructure. Users access the web application through the central FDJP portal. They are required to enter their authentication data only once. After authentication, they can freely access all applications to which they have permission.


  • Some 40,000 users, from the customs officer to the registrar
  • Mission-critical for the FDJP, integrates over 200 applications
  • Centralized user management, delegated administration
  • Modular portal infrastructure, clearly defined interfaces
  • 24/7 availability, world-wide access
  • Supports various protocols and authentication methods (user ID / password, certificates, one-time password)
  • Coarse-grained authorization for integrated applications


  • Open Source
  • Java EE
  • Apache, OpenSSL
  • NEVIS components

Screenshot FDJP SSO portal

Image ref_adn_ejpd_idm_screen.png

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