Entry Gateway and Web Application Firewall

nevisProxy controls user access and protects sensitive data, applications, services, and systems from internal and external threats, without compromising on user-friendliness.


nevisProxy combines user identification and authentication, session handling, connection establishment as well as web application firewall functionality. There is no need to combine different products with different characteristics to cover all aspects of secure web access; nevisProxy offers an all-in-one secure web access solution. This makes the product easy to implement, to operate and to use.


Sign on just once; be protected from end-to-end


All web traffic to and from your applications has to pass the nevisProxy server. This facilitates end-to-end security. Also, the users of your system access your applications via one single point, allowing them to have to authenticate only once (single sign-on).


Customizable setup


Additionally, nevisProxy supports a wide range of authentication methods and firewall features, giving you the opportunity to set up your secure web access according to your needs. nevisProxy offers a highly modular architecture, enabling you to create exactly those functions you need. It is you who decides which features to implement, how and when, in order to achieve the highest possible security and protection for your web application infrastructure.

Features and tasks

  • Protection against denial-of-service attacks
  • SSL termination (encryption and acceleration)
  • Session and time-out handling (single session)
  • SSO (single sign-on)
  • Initialization of multi-step authentication
  • Authentication in cooperation with nevisAuth
  • Propagation of user identities incl. additional information (roles) in secure tokens (SAML, JWT, NEVIS SecToken, HTTP Header, etc.)
  • Role-based authorization
  • Cookie caching
  • Renegotiation of client session association
  • Caching and data compression
  • Support of AJAX and WebSockets
  • Protocol validation
  • Content inspection and validation (HTML, XML, JSON, etc.)
  • Input validation (black- and whitelists with self-learning)
  • Virtual patching enables rapid reaction in case of serious security threats
  • URL signing and encryption

High-level solution architecture

Image nevisProxy_flyer_architecture_new.png

Web Access in NEVIS

Related topics

The Dynamic Session Management Engine of nevisProxy tackles all kinds of issues regarding the management of sessions.
The engine offers considerably more flexibility in handling sessions, improves the performance of your system and increases the system security.

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