Passwordless Authentication as a Service (PAaaS)

2FA standard as app in the cloud

Provide maximum security and a seamless experience to all your users out of the box.

The Challenge

Why you should no longer compromise between user convenience and data security

Today’s customers have high expectations when it comes to user experience and are more concerned than ever about their personal data. Compromising user convenience for the sake of more security or vice versa is just no longer an option.

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Omnichannel user engagement

Engage users over multiple channels while transmitting a consistent brand message.

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Ease of use and convenience

Create intuitive and convenient experiences that users will love.

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Data security and user privacy

Ensure highest level of privacy and legal compliance while keeping user data safe.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is the management of a growing number of communication and sales channels both in the physical as well as in the digital world.
With the boundaries of the two environments blurring more and more, a consistent appearance across all channels as well as a clear strategy on how to engage users needs to be in place.


Besides this important task of omnichannel user engagement, it is crucial to make it as easy and as convenient as possible for your users to register and sign in when they are trying to access your service. Long, complicated and tedious registration and login flows create friction, are frustrating and thus scare away potential customers.


On top of that, users have become more demanding and concerned about data security and the protection of their privacy in the digital world. Even though users are more concerned about this subject than ever, the efforts from their side to do something about it are minimal. Often, they are not aware that by setting up weak and easily guessed passwords or by re-using them on multiple platforms, they themselves are the vulnerable link in the system and thus present a serious security risk. When registering on a platform or downloading an app, users expect from you – the company – that all necessary measures are in place to guarantee privacy and to keep their customer data safe.

The Solution

Passwordless user authentication as a service

The FIDO-certified passwordless user authentication solution is a cloud service that enables you to provide maximum security as well as a seamless and intuitive experience to all your users.

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Replace passwords with fingerprint or face recognition technology.

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Provide a seamless and consistent user experience thanks to a fully brandable access app.

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Integrate this out-of-the-box, cloud-based software solution with just a few clicks.

There are different ways on how to authenticate users without a password. The options include security questions, SMS, e-mail, voice or one-time-passwords (OTPs), physical tokens or authentication based on biometry.


True to our NEVIS values and with rich experience from securing the most sensitive systems and data from governmental institutions and Swiss banks for the past 30 years, our highly skilled engineers developed a biometrics-based mobile authentication app.

While developing the mobile authentication app, the emphasis was put on creating an intuitive and convenient user experience that will help keep your users engaged over multiple channels and increase your conversion rate.

Furthermore, the app’s front-end can be completely branded and adjusted to your corporate design, giving you the advantage of a consistent brand appearance across all channels and the possibility to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Taking on a biometrics-based approach for user authentication and thus eliminating passwords, common hacker attacks such as password-guessing, credential stuffing and phishing attacks can be prevented. By incorporating the mobile authentication app in your registration and login flow, all necessary measures are in place to ensure security of your users' data without creating unnecessary friction or squandering time in trying to change the users' behavior. At the same time, you benefit from the highest security standards with FIDO-certification and end-to-end encryption.


Because we care about data security, we decided to not only offer the mobile authentication app to our highly security-conscious customer base, but to develop an industry- and company- independent solution. Thanks to powerful REST APIs, extensive documentation and quick start guides, the mobile authentication app can be integrated into your existing Customer Identity and Access Management system in no time. The cloud-based software can be bought as an out-of-the-box, standalone service.

Stop compromising user convenience and security. Adapt the new authentication standard now and go passwordless.

Price packages


  • Annual subscription
  • Unlimited authentications
  • Unlimited transaction signings
  • Branded iOS and Android app
  • E-mail support only

Base price per month incl. 1,000 active users EUR 1,900.00, additional users EUR 690.00 per 1,000 users / month.

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  • Annual subscription
  • Unlimited authentications
  • Unlimited transaction signings
  • Branded iOS and Android app
  • E-mail and phone support

Base price per month incl. 20,000 active users EUR 5,900.00, additional users EUR 290.00 per 1,000 users / month.

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  • Annual subscription
  • Unlimited authentications
  • Unlimited transaction signings
  • Branded iOS and Android app
  • iOS and Android SDK available
  • E-mail and premium phone support

Base price per month incl. 100,000 active users EUR 14,900.00, additional users EUR 90.00 per 1,000 users / month.

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  • From 500'000 active users
  • All from Advanced
  • ... and more

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