Public administration and authorities

For some time now, regional, cantonal and national authorities have been working on the digitalization of government processes. However, effective and consistent end-to-end digitalization of processes can only be achieved if communication with citizens also takes place via digital channels. In this context, identity management is the key: Access to sensitive data such as tax information can only be granted if adequate authentication strength can be guaranteed. At the same time, self-service features play a central role in the introduction of e-government portals. To keep helpdesk load on an acceptable level, citizens need to be able to solve certain standard issues such as getting a new password without contacting the helpdesk.


On a federal level, there are additional requirements. Firstly, the diverging needs of the various federal offices need to be mapped onto a consistent and reliable security infrastructure. In addition, some areas with exceptionally high and specific security requirements, such as justice and law enforcement, can only be fulfilled by a sophisticated and mature security solution.

NEVIS offers both a broad range of features and the scalability required for the implementation of e-government portals:

  • Comprehensive identity and access management service including the self-service features required for e-government portals
  • Delegated identity administration for the implementation of e-government services for business customers
  • Security platform with multi-client capability for operation on a national scale
  • High-security identity and access management features for areas of application with exceptionally high security requirements (e.g., justice and law enforcement)

System overview

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Case Studies

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