Health care

Identity management solutions for health care professionals

In health care, optimization of costs is a constant concern. Thus, it is very important for health care professionals such as medical practitioners, hospitals, etc. as well as insurers and government officials to collaborate via efficient fully digitized processes. As such processes often involve sensitive data, it is extremely important to have a reliable identity and access management infrastructure in place. This is why NEVIS is an excellent choice for e-health solutions.


Identity management solutions for health care professionals typically make use of the following NEVIS features:

  • Retrieval of master data from ERP systems
  • Implementation of the following identity management processes:
    • Self-registration and activation of accounts
    • Ordering of new services and permissions
    • Linking of identities and credentials
    • Delegated administration (administration of permissions by customer)
  • Provisioning of identity data to peripheral systems
  • Support of various authentication methods: mTAN, SuisseID, HPC Card, Soft-Certs, etc.
  • Authorization based on user roles and attributes
  • Integration of specialized client software
  • Single sign-on for web applications and other services for the secure data exchange

System overview

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