Since 1997, NEVIS has been reliably protecting large Swiss e-banking portals such as PostFinance E-finance and UBS e-banking. Uncompromising security, stability, and strong, yet user-friendly authentication methods are prerequisites for implementing successful e-banking solutions.

NEVIS offers all the components and functionalities that are required to build up and run a modern e-banking solution, namely:

  • Comprehensive support of strong authentication methods (mTAN, Mobile ID, different security tokens, EMV/CAP, etc.)
  • Adaptive authentication for improved session security
  • Interfaces to existing directories for the integration of user identity management with nevisIDM
  • End-to-end security and traceability thanks to secure identity propagation
  • High-availability thanks to NEVIS session cluster
  • Web Application Firewall for optimum protection of e-banking applications
  • Load balancing and end-to-end monitoring of e-banking applications
  • Interfaces for the integration of SIEM systems
  • Support of transaction signatures
  • Segregation of duties and dual control for administrators
  • Management cockpit for system status and simple configurations

System overview

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Case Studies

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