Identity Federation

Efficient coupling of IT systems

Use existing identities across organizations on customer and supplier side efficiently.

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Today's complex value creation processes often involve various companies and/or institutions. As a rule, the processes are highly optimized and require a tight coupling of customers' and suppliers' IT systems. Also, employees often have to access the systems and applications of partner companies. For companies with a high amount of business connections, this implies that they have to take measures to ensure their employees will not end up with an enormous number of user accounts. A similar situation arises when an organization begins to use cloud services from various providers.

Identity federation solves this problem: The partner companies/institutions establish a trust relationship on a contractual and technical level. Standardized protocols such as SAML, WS Federation, OAuth and OpenID Connect are used to ensure that identities can be used across all integrated companies and institutions.


The NEVIS Identity Federation module is extremely flexible and easy to integrate, regardless of the application environment and the use case:

  • cross-domain single sign-on and authorization of external identities (e.g., business partners and social logins)
  • single sign-on and authorization of internal users for accessing cloud services
  • secure access of external applications to protected APIs
  • secure access of mobile devices to APIs and applications


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