Mobile ID Integration

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Swisscom's Mobile ID is a mechanism used for the authentication and confirmation of transactions. It is based on the MSS (Mobile Signature Service) standard and all communication is carried out via encrypted SMS. To enable the use of Mobile ID, the user's mobile phone has to be equipped with a crypto-capable SIM card. Mobile ID is safer than mTAN as the communication via SMS is encrypted. To authorize a transaction, the user enters his personal PIN on the mobile device. A forgery-proof signature is then generated and validated by both Swisscom and the application provider.


NEVIS offers seamless Mobile ID integration via the tried-and-tested security components nevisAuth (authentication service) and nevisProxy (entry gateway with integrated web application firewall). nevisProxy manages all communication with Swisscom's MMS infrastructure during the authentication process. It also offers additional validation of the digital signature generated in the authentication process. This facilitates maximum control and traceability, which leads to maximum protection of applications.


Integration of the Mobile ID via tried-and-tested NEVIS components offers the following advantages:

  • Delivery as software or virtual appliance enables immediate deployment.
  • Preconfigured for fast and easy integration with Mobile ID.
  • User information can be made available to applications over various standard procedures (HTTP header, HTTP query string, HTTP Basic Auth, dynamic certificates, security tokens and SAML assertions).
  • Entry gateway and web application firewall (WAF) ensure maximum protection.
  • Combination with various directories (generic LDAP, nevisIDM, etc.) possible.
  • Integration of several applications over a single nevisProxy.


Deployed in combination with nevisIDM, the setup offers the following additional features:

  • Dedicated credential type with statistics information
  • Additional validation of signatures
  • Self-service functionality for simple registration process


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