Secure Collaboration

Secure Internet collaboration with co-browsing

On traditional websites, customers are generally left to themselves - not with unblu's co-browsing. It allows two persons to surf the web together while seeing each other's cursor. Combined, unblu and NEVIS enable consultants working in a security-sensitive environment to efficiently and conveniently help customers with complex purchase decisions.


Use cases

  • Co-browsing in user support: efficient support of web application users
  • Guided selling: visual support of sales processes
  • Consulting: user guide through complex offerings
  • Customer experience : Co-shopping with friends and family

How it works

Image secure_collaboration_co_browsing.png

How it works​

  • The customer contacts the helpdesk.
  • The helpdesk provides a temporary access code.
  • Customer and helpdesk sessions are linked via the temporary access code. The helpdesk member sees the customer's browser content.

The solution appeals through its seamless integration with the NEVIS security infrastructure and the possibility to activate co-browsing at any time with minimum effort.


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