Identity Management


nevisIDM is a multi-client capable identity management solution that enables central management of users, applications, and permissions. To permit efficient management of users and credentials, nevisIDM supports delegated administration as well as self-administration.

User administration

  • Administration of user and authentication data
  • Multi-client capability with hierarchical organization of users per client
  • Fine-grained authorization model for administrators and delegated administration
  • Association of roles and users (authorization)
  • Administration of applications, roles and various credential types including device credentials
  • Bulk imports of user data based on Excel files 


  • Configurable self-administration capabilities
  • Implementation of self-service processes (e.g. secure password reset, self-registration) 

Management of policies and processes

  • Management of client-specific authentication policies (e.g. password policies)
  • Modelling and implementation of complex IAM processes via workflow engine
  • Powerful output management (e-mail, SMS, letter) for IAM processes (i.e., activation letter after self-registration)
  • Automated management of unused accounts
  • Batch subsystem for process automation
  • Event-based provisioning of data to third-party systems